Day Two: Layered up for 500 Swings & 30 Pull-ups with 14kg… Like Buttah…

I layered up again for my training today, 3 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of pants, 2 layers on top, and leg warmers between my first and second layer of pants.  Today was Day 2 of 10,000 swings in 28-days and I trained 18kg swings and weighted pull-ups with 14kg (~30lbs).  All day I was waiting for soreness from the volume of handstand push-ups from yesterday to settle in but still nothing, which is positive.

I warmed up with 3 sets racked carries, get-ups, light dead-lifts, and standing ab wheel roll-outs.  Then I went on to train the following:

 5 Rounds of:

10 2H Swings with 18kg

1 Pull-up with 14kg

15 2H Swings with 18kg

2 Pull-ups with 14kg

25 2H Swings with 18kg

3 Pull-ups with 14kg

50 2H Swings with 18kg

2 min rest (I stretched and breathed during this time)

Total: 500 swings and 30 weighted pull-ups with 14kg

I successfully got through 30 pull-ups with 14kg.  Usually I train sets of 4 or 5 reps with 14kg but never 30 reps in one training session with that weight.  Below is a video of my round of 1-2-3 reps, it was like buttah… and dare I say that I may try the 16kg (35lbs) for my pull-ups next Monday.

Round 5 of 14kg (30lbs) Weighted Pull-ups, reps 25-30 

The swings are getting easier so I am contemplating using the 20kg for my “swing-only” day on Friday.  I will decide after Thursday depending on how the next two training sessions go.

Tomorrow is a rest day for me, so I will go to hot vinyasa yoga at Inner Strength in West Roxbury, MA for some active recovery.   Wednesday I will train double bell 18kg (total ~80lbs) presses with the swings, so I will post again on Wednesday.

If you’re following along with this program please keep me updated on how it’s going!

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