I Am Not Afraid To Lift Goes Global in 2016!

Lift 2015

NYC, Boston, & VA 2015  I Am Not Afraid To Lift and Keep It Simple Workshops

On November 7, 2015 I presented my EIGHTH I Am Not Afraid To Lift Workshop since I launched this workshop in September 2014 at Drive495 in New York City.

It’s been an amazing year (PLUS) for the growth of I Am Not Afraid To Lift and for me professionally. I am thankful for all of the opportunities I have been given from becoming a ReebokONE Fitness Ambassador…


To speaking at the Perform Better Summit this past summer…


As well as other speaking opportunities outside of I Am Not Afraid To Lift, such as the Elite Training Workshop


And for all of the 200 plus people who have attended I Am Not Afraid To Lift, and supported my mission to spread the message of strength, confidence, and empowerment through strength in body and in mind.

Lift Workshop Montage 2

NYC, Boston 2014 & Connecticut, Ohio, New Mexico 2015 I Am Not Afraid To Lift Workshop 

It blows my mind that this workshop has even reached and gained the support of elite athletes like former professional soccer player and Olympic athlete Lori Lindsey, which proves that this sort of education and empowerment is needed on every level from the person who is just learning about lifting to professional athletes who have been moving, playing in sport, and lifting since they could walk.


You can read more about the Lift workshop’s impact, testimonials, and watch video footage of past I Am Not Afraid To Lift events HERE under “Lift & Keep It Simple Testimonials & Past Workshops”.

As I Am Not Afraid To Lift has grown and has more impact, I am always looking for ways to expand it and bring new and improved content to participants. Subsequently I added a second day that is solely focused on nutrition and kettlebell conditioning called, called Keep It Simple Nutrition & Conditioning. I presented the third Keep It Simple on November 8, 2015 at Iron Body Studios and so far it’s been an excellent addition to the Lift workshop series as it allows participants to go into depth about nutrition and kettlebell ballistics and conditioning.

You can read more about this second day HERE.

At the eighth I Am Not Afraid To Lift workshop at I Am Not Afraid To Lift Boston 2015 at Iron Body Studios, I partnered with licensed psychologist Dr. Lisa Lewis, who specializes in Sports Psychology, to bring more depth and content to the aspect of mindset.

Mindset and the power of mindset are woven through all three of the areas, (Educate, Empower, and Self Efficacy), that I speak to at I Am Not Afraid To Lift. Lisa knocked it out of the park at I Am Not Afraid To Lift Boston as she spoke to,

  • Concepts such as “Arousal Regulation”;
  • Helped me to teach strong mindset and strong mindset strategies for strength training and achieving goals;
  • Helped participants become more in tune with their mental scripts as they approached lifts and training and how these mental scripts can affect their physiology;
  • Helped participants learn how to get into the “zone” at critical moments, and so much more!


Lisa taking Lift participants through an exercise of “scripting”. Helping participants become more aware of their mental scripts and how it can affect one’s physiology and subsequent training performance.

Learn more about and from Dr. Lisa Lewis in her guest blog “Find Your Flow With Metacognition” HERE.

Lift_Power of Mindset Edition

Lisa and I will be presenting The Power Of Mindset edition of I Am Not Afraid To Lift in Severna Park, Maryland (8 miles from Annapolis and 20 miles from Baltimore) on April 2, 2016 at Dauntless Fitness & Health, and in Miami, Florida at Primal Fit Miami on a 2016 date TBA.

Registration is NOW OPEN for I Am Not Afraid To Lift Maryland 2016. There are only 10 spots available at the early bird rate. You can register HERE under EVENTS.


Registration is also NOW OPEN for I Am Not Afraid To Lift Monroe-Woodbury, New York 2016 at Results Drive Fitness Systems on April 17, 2016. You can register HERE under EVENTS.

I will also be taking I Am Not Afraid To Lift GLOBAL in 2016 to Queensland, Australia on February 13-14, 2016 at Queensland Kettlebells in Brisbane and in Malaysia at Fitmosphere Asia on a May 2016 date TBA.

Registration is NOW OPEN for both I Am Not Afraid To Lift and Keep It Simple Australia 2016. You can register HERE.

Read the full current 2016 Lift workshop schedule HERE.

This workshop is truly a do not miss event. It will impact how you train and how you approach strength training and LIFE in ways that you never imagined.

Artemis & Catherine Marvel Lift Boston 2014

As one of the former I Am Not Afraid To Lift alumni, Catherine Marvel, recently wrote to me,

“Looking back, not only did I Am Not Afraid To Lift teach me some cool technique and programming, it really taught me to seek out, encourage, foster and disciple with other women athletes. A year ago I trained alone. Now I train with a woman partner. I go more out of my way to mentor female nurses, medical students, and residents, and to empower women who have all sorts of bodies and all types of goals. Honestly, I think I Am Not Afraid To Lift helped me to more clearly see the palpable value in putting that energy out there.  Thank you.



I hope that you will join me for one of these events and help me to continue to spread the message of strength in 2016!

Watch my Strong Mindset Periscope Q&A with Dr. Lisa Lewis HERE:

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