114lbs Lean and 670lbs Strong


  • Starting Bodyweight: 117lbs
  • Current Bodyweight: 115lbs (down 2lbs from last week)
  • Goal Weight: 114lbs
  • Next Powerlifting Meet: May 15, 2016
  • Deadlift Goal: 315lbs
  • Back Squat Goal: 215lbs
  • Bench Press Goal: 140lbs

Last week I posted on Instagram how my current goal is to compete in the 114lbs weight class in my next powerlifting meet on May 15. This means that when I set out on this goal I had to lose at 3lbs from my starting weight of 117lbs, and perhaps a bit more, like up to 5lbs, so that I have a little wiggle room when I weigh in for the meet.

As I lean out over the next six weeks, the second part of my goal is to maintain and continue to build strength. THAT is part of the challenge. I want to demonstrate that you can be lean AND strong. You don’t need to pack on pounds or weigh in at your heaviest for your body in order to build strength or be at your strongest.

Here is the Instagram post…

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🔹Current Bodyweight: 117lbs 🔹Goal Weight: 114lbs 🔹Next Powerlifting Meet: May 15, 2016 🔹Deadlift Goal: 315lbs 🔹Back Squat Goal: 215lbs 🔹Bench Press Goal: 140lbs # On May 15 the ladies Celie @celiejeannine, Maia @maiabetes Hilary @hilarywynne of the @cresseysportsperformance women’s powerlifting group, with Coach Tony Bonvecio @bonvecstrength, and myself will compete in a powerlifting meet in Rhode Island. # In order to be more competitive for this meet I am going to do something that I never do; I am going to lose weight in order to compete in the 114lbs weight class versus the 123lbs weight class. # 114lbs is a healthy weight for me, I have been there many times before, but it is something that I have to work a little bit harder for in that I need to be completely on top of my nutrition and stay clear of cookies and pie. I love cookies and pie, which is why this #CookieMonster enjoys living at around 117/118lbs. # I have 7 weeks to go and 3lbs to lose which is completely reasonable at a goal weight loss of .5-.7lbs per week. I wrote myself a nutrition plan and spent the last week playing around with the different food combinations that are going to work best for me so that I feel satiated and have energy while cutting 80 calories per day. # As both a strength coach and a nutrition coach this will be a great test of my knowledge and skills and applying them to myself to see if I can lean out, lose a few pounds, AND still build strength. # I will keep you all updated on progress and in the end if I don’t reach my goal, I will still be able to compete at the 123lbs weight class. #real #raw #nofilter #bodytransformation #tuesdaytransformation #weightloss #fatloss #nutrition #strength #goals #leaner #stronger #better #faster #girlswholift #ladieswholift #girlswithmuscle #notafraidtolift #reebokone #reebok #reebokwomen #toughisbeautiful

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I received a few questions from people after I posted, such as (in summary),

  • When I lose weight will it be muscle mass because I am already so lean?
  • Will I go to drastic measures like completing 500 plus kettlebell swings per day in order to achieve this weight loss?
  • Am I depriving myself of carbs?

tumblr_ngk6j0Tgpz1tfrqxeo1_500First of all I must just take a moment to say, in the words of Cheri Oteri, it’s 3lbs people, “Simmah down nah!”

114lbs is a healthy weight for me and when I’m on top of my nutrition and not eating larger portions than I should (which I often do because I love to eat!) and indulging in pie and cookies on the weekends I usually weigh around 115lbs.

NOW, to answer the questions…

I want to lose body fat but also continue to build strength, so the weight I will lose will hopefully be fat. I am lean, but I am not at my leanest therefore I should be able to do this with a goal of .5-.7lbs per week (although I have already exceeded that with a 2lbs loss in the last week), and without losing strength by cutting the right amount of calories, and dialing in my nutrition, specifically nutrient timing.

If I complete 500 plus kettlebell swings per day I will lose strength. For example, when I completed the 10,000 Swing Challenge I dropped weight to 114lbs in three weeks from all the swings but I also lost strength.

Therefore, I am going to continue on my strength training plan, do the right amount of conditioning so as not to take away from my strength gains, incorporate some light extra activity by walking 1.2 miles each way to and from work at Iron Body Studios a few days per week, and dial in my nutrition. My main focus will be on nutrition to help me with this weight loss.

And YES, I am eating plenty of carbohydrates for fuel and recovery.

I’m in Week Two of Mission 114lbs Lean and 670lbs Strong by May 15 and as I mentioned I’m down 2lbs.


I started out with a nutrition plan that I put together for myself, but then I decided that I needed some help with nutrient timing and meal spacing. So I turned to Renaissance Periodization and purchased a diet template plus “The Renaissance Woman” e-book from them.

Renaissance Periodization helps people from all backgrounds from athletes, to fitness enthusiasts, to non-athletes, and they are the masters in helping athletes dial in their nutrition for strength, performance, and physique goals.

Their plan has helped me with both nutrient timing, especially around training and before bedtime, meal spacing, and dialing in macronutrient balance as it relates to my goal.

In addition, I traveled to Maryland this weekend to teach two workshops, I Am Not Afraid To Lift Maryland – The Power Of Mindset at Dauntless Fitness and Health  and a Kettlebell Fundamentals Clinic at Tribe Strength and even though I was the crazy person measuring all her meals, which really just look like snacks, and eating them out of plastic containers, I was able to stay on my nutrition plan.

This is how I stayed on my plan while I traveled:

I planned ahead and brought some containers with me to pack my meals through the weekend.

I also packed some healthy (non fruit and vegetable) carbs to bring with me, oatmeal and sweet potato all measured out in advance.

I did bring two apples with me but I did not eat them because I have to pick and choose the carbohydrates I eat, especially on my non-training days, so I’m going for the starchy, filling stuff like oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and bread over fruit on my non-training days when I am not allowed to eat as many carbohydrates.

When I arrived in Maryland on Friday I checked in at the hotel and put the food I brought with me in the fridge in the room and then headed to Whole Foods.

At Whole Foods I picked up all the food I would need for the five meals, I would eat on my own, not at a restaurant. I carefully kept track of measurements as I shopped.

When I ate out with everyone I asked the server how big the protein portion sizes were so that I could determine the appropriate amount to eat. I drank water or sparkling water.

If it sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it is, but I’m determined to achieve this goal so it’s worth it. I am also learning a lot in the process, on top of what I already know about nutrition, when it comes to dialing in nutrient timing.

The diet was definitely a topic of conversation, and we had many laughs about it over the weekend but I can’t wait to see if I reach my goal by the weekend of May 15 and can still walk away from the meet deadlifting 315lbs.

I will post updates on Instagram and here on my blog when I can. Hopefully it will be a learning experience for everyone!


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