One Tip For A Stronger Weighted Pull-Up

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As a dynamic hang, pull-ups require not just upper body strength but also tremendous abdominal strength. Think about it, if you have ever gone trapezing for the first time, or taken an aerial class, or just played around on the monkey bars for too long did you find your abdominal sore for days? That’s because hanging requires abdominal strength and the pull-up is a hang and therefore requires significant abdominal strength.

When it comes to the pull-up, a solid hollow position, maximizes tension and helps you to use your abdominals in conjunction with your upper body, for a strong pull. Learn how to use your abdominals and maximize the hollow position for a stronger weighted pull-up in this video:


If you’d like to learn more about technique and programming to achieve YOUR first unassisted pull-up or even band assisted or weighted pull-up, if you have already been working on unassisted pull-ups, then I hope that you will join me for one of my upcoming I Am Not Afraid To Lift Workshops on April 17, 2016 in Monroe- Woodbury, New York at Results Driven Fitness Systems.

Register for the workshop HERE under the “Events” tab.

Learn more about the workshop HERE.

Read and watch testimonials and footage from past workshops HERE. Including this awesome video of women from I Am Not Afraid To Lift Australia completing weighted pull-ups!

Register for the workshop HERE under the “Events” tab.

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