Four Fit Travel Tips


I’ve had a busy summer of travel and it’s still not over yet. Truth be told I’m a little fried at this point and I’m looking forward to a break in my travel schedule so that I can enjoy the final weeks of summer at home.

In June alone I traveled to Palm Springs/Palm Desert for the ReebokONE Fitness Ambassador Summit…

Then to New York City to attend my cousin Madeleine’s High School graduation celebration…

Then to Chicago to speak at the Perform Better Summit in Chicago…

For this month of July I was fortunate to only have one four-day trip to Pittsburgh for the StrongFirst Leadership meeting and strength programming seminar Plan Strong…

This summer I still have one more trip left to speak at the Elite Fitness and Performance Summit on August 5-6, 2016 in Louisville, Kentucky.


So how do I stay on top of my nutrition (use the code ‘artemis10’ to purchase your Renaissance Periodization nutrition template HERE) and exercise routine, and more specifically powerlifting program since I have a powerlifting meet coming up on October 8, 2016?


Here are four tips that are part of my traveling routine:

  1. I pack my all my meals for my travel day plus some extras like sweet potatoes, oatmeal protein muffins, protein powder, casein, and nut butter single serving packets (I prefer almond butter and cashew butter 😉 ). IMG_2724
  2. I confirm that the hotel has a mini fridge in the hotel room. If it does not, then I request one. Most hotels have them on stock and will bring them to your room for your stay.
  3. I locate a Whole Foods that is close by to the hotel that I am staying at and right after I check in at the hotel I head over to the Whole Foods and pick up some food items for breakfast and lunch for my stay – e.g. spinach, sandwich meat, cooked chicken breast, hard boiled eggs, apples, bananas, baby carrots, pita bread, etc.
  4. I locate a gym like a Gold’s gym or a CrossFit that has open gym and a drop in rate so that I can train.

CrossFit in Chicago – South Loop Strength & Conditioning 


Gold’s Gym in Pittsburgh


Worst case I do what I can with the hotel gym…

Hotel Gym in Palm Springs

Hotel Gym in Pittsburgh


By following this routine I stay on top of my nutrition during the day and then I can enjoy a night out at dinner knowing that for 80-90% of the day I’ve been on track AND I completed my training for the day. With all the travel that I do for work, if I do not follow this routine, then I will NEVER have a fitness and nutrition routine and I will never be able to achieve my nutrition and training goals.


With this routine I fuel my body the best that I can with my hectic schedule so that I can perform the best that I can at both work and in my training AND I am able to achieve my nutrition and training goals like competing in a powerlifting meet in October 2016.

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