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Did you know that studies have shown that maintaining a waist size that is half of your height can prevent the onset of conditions such as stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and overall add years to one’s life?

It’s true. Fat does matter; especially belly fat.

In the 6 years that I have been together with Eric Gahan he has struggled with finding the right balance of foods to help him to lose fat around his midsection.

Eric has always eaten relatively clean. He does not drink alcohol in excess, in fact I can count how many drinks he may have in one month on one hand, and he exercises regularly, both strength training and conditioning.

Not until we tried the Renaissance Periodization cutting templates did Eric FINALLY find the perfect formula of REAL foods (nothing pre-packaged, nothing processed, no meal replacement shakes, no gimmicks, just SCIENCE), to help him to lose the fat around his midsection. (Use the code ‘artemis10’ to get $10 off an RP diet template. Link to to purchase HERE.)

On April 1, 2016 he started out with a 36-inch circumference around his belly button and by following the RP cutting template today he is down 1.75 inches at 34.25 inches. His goal is to reach 33 inches.

He is living a lean, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle by following the balanced nutrition in accordance with the RP diet templates and by combining it with the right balance of strength training and conditioning through our programming at Iron Body Studios.

Both Eric and I have been following the RP templates, combined with Iron Body Studios signature strength and conditioning programming, and we have both experienced tremendous results.

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Details about the photos above:

The picture on the left is from 5 years ago, July 10 2011 after I ran the Utica Boilermaker 15k which is the longest I will never run again 🙂 . I weighed about 117/118lbs in this picture. I was training with kettlebells ~3x per week, plus running 3-4x per week, PLUS teaching spin classes 3-4x per week. Sometimes doubling up on “workouts” within a day e.g. kettlebells for one hour and then a spin class or 30 min run or 30 min on the Step Mill. 5 years ago my cardio to strength training ratio was probably 70/30 percent respectively, maybe even 80/20 percent respectively, and my diet was relatively clean but not as clean and balanced as it is today.

The picture on the right was taken this year on May 14, 2016 after I finished an intense 6-week cycle training for a powerlifting meet and was following the Renaissance Periodization cutting diet template for fat loss. I weighed (and still weigh today 112-113lbs, 114lbs on a “heavy” day) 112lbs.

Today I am lifting heavy weights, both kettlebells and powerlifting (barbell), 5-6 times per week and doing about 15-20 minutes of ketttlebell swing or snatch conditioning at the end of each training session. I have not run in one year since August 2015.  Today my cardio to strength training ratio is about 10-15/85-90 percent respectively. My nutrition is also MUCH better than it was 5 years ago as I follow the science based approach from the Renaissance Periodization diet templates.

If you are interested in Living Lean and finding a balanced approach that helps you to kick start a body, mind, and lifestyle transformation that is sustainable long term, we will be launching Iron Body Studios’ Living Lean Transformation Program at Iron Body Studios in September 2016. The program is limited to 8 people. If you are interested in getting on the early registration list so that you don’t miss out on this program, email us at with the subject “Living Lean”.

We look forward to working with you!

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  1. You said in the post “no shakes” but the preview of the template on their website has shakes in it… is there a no shake option or something like that? I like the sound of these, but I really can’t do shakes…. Thanks!

  2. By no shakes I mean no “meal replacement” shakes. There are protein supplements that are included. The one shake that is included is a pre/intra/post protein shake that is combined with workout carbs. This helps to fuel your training. Then at night RP recommends casein, which is a slow digesting protein that helps with protein titration for your muscles overnight as well as to keep you satiated overnight. The casein is typically eaten as a pudding after adding a little water. So no meal replacement shakes, meals are REAL food. The workout shake and casein supplement are just that – supplements. In my opinion the RP nutrition plan is one of the best plans out there and it is sustainable. In addition they provide you with a new base plan to follow after you finish your cutting or massing phase. You can use my code ‘artemis10’ at checkout to get $10 off the template if you choose to follow it. If your goal is fat loss make sure to select “fat loss” as the goal from the drop down menu when ordering the plan as opposed to “muscle gain”. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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