Exercise Order Matters & 1 TGU Tip

Sinister Training Update: Exercise Order Matters

When I write a program for myself or for my clients or students normally I program get-ups at the beginning of the training session. The get-up is an exercise that contains multiple fundamental movement patterns, and moves through multiple planes of motion, therefore, I see get-ups as something that helps to warm-up the body and prep the central nervous system.

In addition, since the get-up requires a lot of brain power and coordination while holding a weight overhead, I also see the get-up as an exercise that requires skill. It’s not something I would normally want students or clients doing after conditioning.

Structure of my programming usually looks like this:

  1. Warm-up
  2. Skill  – do highly skilled movements first before body is fatigued
  3. Strength
  4. Conditioning

HOWEVER, StrongFirst Simple & Sinister is set up so that you complete get-ups AFTER heavy 1 hand (1H) swings (i.e. conditioning). This is one of the challenges of Simple & Sinister, but also, there is a method to this madness, as the technique of maintaining a packed shoulder is required for both 1H swings and get-ups and the half kneeling windmill hinge in the get-up compliments the ballistic hinge of the 1H swing. Therefore the movements do pair well together.

In order to prepare both my body and my mind for this exercise order, while training for Sinister over the past four weeks, I have been finishing my training sessions with get-ups AFTER conditioning.

Just like when I completed the Iron Maiden Challenge, on the day of the IM, I completed the lifts in the order that I completed them in my training because this was the order that my body and mind were used to:

  1. Pull-up
  2. Pistol Squat
  3. Military Press

For Sinister, at first this new order of swings or snatches before get-ups was a little bit of a shock to what my body was used to, but my body has adapted to the new order over these past four weeks.

Exercise order matters for success and to prep the body and mind for a competition, meet, or strength challenge.

One Training Tip for the Turkish Get-up

Also, if you missed my IG Live last Friday on one tip for the Turkish get-up, then you can watch the replay below…

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