Earlier this week I received an email from one of my online coaching students who just passed her StrongFirst Level I Kettlebell Certification last weekend in Chicago at the Dome. She wrote,

“I will walk taller (than I already am) with confidence knowing that I am capable of anything I set my mind to. Being strong is the best feeling in the world.”

I got chills when I read this. Training for and completing your SFG Level I Certification is a LIFE CHANGING experience, because the COMPETENCY you gain from the learning experience builds CONFIDENCE.

The same applies to strength training. To not just building proficiency with knowing HOW to strength train, but also to building physical strength and to KNOWING that you have this incredible physical strength that’s makes you feel capable like you can do ANYTHING.

I see this transformation ALL the time when women who are new to strength training start to work with me. Initially they approach lifts with insecurity and even intimidation. But as they move farther along in the process and have MASTERY EXPERIENCES that build SELF-EFFICACY and COMPETENCE then they build CONFIDENCE.

Then once they learn how to lift and once they learn how strong and capable they are, then their insecurities, fears and intimidation fly right out the window. Instead, as a result, they love the feeling of confidence and empowerment they get from being hella strong in the weight room and how it carries over to all areas of their lives. AND, they love every muscle on their body as these muscles are a result of their hard work through strength training.

This is a piece of what I talk about and teach, along with kettlebell and barbell lifts at my women’s strength workshop I Am Not Afraid To Lift®.

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