I’ll be heading over to my parents’ house today to crack some red eggs and eat some lamb in celebration of Greek Orthodox Easter. It’s exciting that they now live here in Vegas.

Before I do I’d like to share two things with you:

1) REMINDER that the Early Bird Discount for I AM NOT AFRAID TO LIFT® BOSTON on May 18 at MSC Strength & Conditioning ends TONIGHT. After tonight the price will go up $100. Details below about both the Boston and Seattle Workshops…


2) Did you know that high estrogen levels can result in (among other symptoms) food cravings, bloating and weight gain? AND that high estrogen levels can be caused by BPAs and plastic so storing food and/or eating or drinking out of plastic can raise estrogen levels, lower testosterone levels and cause overall hormone imbalances.

My husband, Eric, explains more with his post entitled, “It’s Only A Water Bottle”, at the end of this post

I hope that you find it informative AND I hope to see you at either LIFT® BOSTON or LIFT® SEATTLE!

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NOW, onto Eric’s post, “IT’S ONLY A WATER BOTTLE”


If your using a plastic water bottle, chances are it contains PHTHALATES which are chemicals found in plastics and personal skin care products proven to be blocking testosterone production.

DID YOU KNOW that Phthalates are most commonly ingested through food and water storage containers?

DID YOU ALSO KNOW that one of the easiest ways to help optimize testosterone production is to choose better food and water storage products, free from phthalates?

Over the years I have made a strong push to move way from using any plastic products to store my food and water. Glass and stainless-steel products are a go-to for me.

In this picture Artemis and I are at Maui Brewing Company for an awesome tour. In my hand you see my Hydroflask. No plastic for me!

It’s only a water bottle is something I hear all the time from clients, friends and family.  BUT Phthalates are not strongly bound in plastics and therefore leach out. Making a simple choice to store food and water in glass or stainless steel can cut your exposure.

NOTE: We cannot eliminate it completely, but we can make an effort to decrease exposure to optimize health and hormone levels.

Lifestyle Coaching for Testosterone Optimization is one of the areas of my 1:1 online coaching program, EmpowerU MEN. I cover all areas of food and water storage products to optimize your success so you can thrive.

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