In January I sent you my TOP 5 NUTRITION MUSTS. For your reference, I have included them at the end of this post AND here are 5 MORE of my NUTRITION MUSTS.

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1) GREEN VEGGIES: Eat green veggies at every meal. This includes breakfast! My favorite greens to eat at breakfast are rainbow chard & kale. Otherwise I will have broccoli, green beans or spinach.

2) HYDRATE: This includes not just drinking enough water in a day, but also making sure that you are eating enough salt. If you are like my husband Eric & I & you do not eat a lot of processed foods, then you are likely not eating enough salt. So salt your food! If you’re eating a lot of processed foods, then that’s another story. In order to stay hydrated in the Las Vegas desert climate, in addition to drinking plenty of water daily, I also drink at least 8oz of coconut water daily.

3) SLEEP: Get your ZZZZs! Sleep is part of nutrition & training because our body heals while we sleep. If you’re not getting enough good quality sleep then your body will not be able to repair, recover or lose fat if fat loss is one of your goals. Insufficient & poor quality sleep inhibits your body’s ability to repair memory, muscle, replace glycogen stores & release hormones for hormone balance.

As a result insufficient & poor quality sleep could result in elevated cortisol levels (the stress & fat storing hormone) low energy & poor focus & memory.

4) MODERATION: I believe in following the 80/20 or 90/10 rule. This means that 80-90% of the time I eat healthy, nutritious foods & indulge in dessert, alcohol & meals out 10-20% of the time. I coach my online training clients to apply this rule over the course of the week. This helps them to have the most success & to not feel deprived & therefore follow a sustainable approach to nutrition.

What are some of YOUR nutrition musts? Please share by responding to this post.

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Here are 5 simple, sustainable rules that I recommend to my clients & personally follow for nutrition that help me to build & maintain lean body mass, recover from training & feel satiated.

  1. PROTEIN:In my experience working with clients, most people, especially women, are not eating enough protein. Eat 1g of protein per 1# lean body mass daily. e.g. if you weigh around 115# eat 90-100g of protein per day. Divide the protein up over however many meals you eat in a day. I eat 4-5 meals per day so I eat 3-4oz of protein at each meal.
  2. CARBS:I’m referring to grains & starchy carbs NOT vegetables.

Carbs are:

  • the fastest-acting macronutrient source for energy transfer;
  • primary source of energy for your brain; &
  • storage of carbs in the body is limited;

THUS the glucose we use for energy transfer must often be generated from our dietary intake of carbs. So, EAT CARBS!

TIMING! Eat carbs based upon activity level. The more active you are in a day then the more carbs you will need to eat that day. Also time consumption of carbs around activity. e.g. I eat more carbs before & after my workouts & fewer carbs at mealtimes farther away from my workouts.

  1. HEALTHY FATS:Eat more non saturated (avocados, olive oil, nuts in moderation) vs. saturated (egg yolks, coconut oil, cheese, butter).

TIMING! Time consumption of healthy fats at mealtimes farther away from workouts. Fat slows down the digestion process & at meals closest to your workouts you want your body to be able to replenish carbs & protein quickly w/o fat slowing down digestion. I recommend about ½ serving of healthy fat at the meals you choose to eat healthy fats.

  1. FOOD ALLERGIES/INTOLERANCES:One HUGE GAME CHANGER for me was getting tested for food allergies & intolerances. Avoiding foods that you are allergic or intolerant to helps to reduce inflammation in the body facilitating better digestion & nutrient absorption.
  2. SMALLER MORE FREQUENT MEALS:Eat smaller more frequent meals 4-5/day. This helps you to feel satiated & not get to the point that you are ravenous & want to eat everything in sight.
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