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NOW onto the subject of this post…


Brene Brown talks about how if you didn’t fail then you didn’t show up, “If you’re not failing, you’re really not showing up.” However, at this past weekend’s I Am Not Afraid To Lift® workshop at FUELhouse gym in Seattle, throughout the day we tried not to use the word fail and instead say, “I have more work to do”.

I finish the workshop with barbell deadlifts because there is nothing more empowering than ripping a shit ton of weight off the floor. The energy is incredible during this segment of the workshop, pure fire! During this portion of the workshop, one of the participants, Brook, wanted to beat her previous PR of 175lbs.

She decided to start with 185lbs and then if that went well her plan was to go for 200lbs.

We loaded 185lbs on the bar and Brook showed up and deadlifted 185lbs with ease.

Since 185lbs was so easy, we decided that 205lbs should be the next attempt, as this Mastery Experience (I talk about this at the workshop) gave her the confidence, the Self-Efficacy, i.e. the intrinsic knowing that she could also pull 205lbs

We loaded 205lbs on the bar and Brook showed up and deadlifted 205lbs, again with ease.

She then wanted to go for 215lbs.

We loaded 215lbs on the bar and Brook showed up to 215lbs on the bar and although she did not pull 215, she attempted, TWICE with confidence and did not fail, but rather, learned that she had more work to do.

During this process, not only did Brook learn how to have the courage to approach challenges with confidence and her whole ass, but also, she beat her previous deadlift PR by 30lbs when she had only expected to beat it by 10lbs!

After deadlifts, before the workshop finishes, I ask all participants to share, “What was 1 thing you learned today?”. 1 of the participants shared that this was her first ever fitness event and that she was new to strength training and almost didn’t show up because she was scared that it might leave her feeling defeated. Instead, she had the courage to show up and shared that she had an incredible experience that taught her that she was stronger than she thought she was and it inspired her to learn more and get stronger.

No matter how scared you are about showing up, SHOW UP because you might just beat a previous PR or shatter expectations and/or you may also learn that you have more work to do and you will be inspired and motivated to do that work.

Can you relate to this? Please share by responding to this post, I want to know!

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