ACTION! SNATCH! READY, SET, YOU GOT THIS! Sometimes things look much sexier on the outside then you might be feeling on the inside. We all have those training days that are both a physical and a mental struggle. Even Xena has less strong training days. How do you stick to your training routine and get through it? You create a positive script and a plan, and you recite the positive script and… Read More

As much as I love to rip a shit ton of weight off the ground, the barbell can be a pain in the ass sometimes, loading the plates on, taking them off, yadda yadda. It’s very time consuming. This is another reason why I love kettlebells, and why they are my first love; one kettlebell is a simple, compact package of strength, cardio, and power training all rolled into a space saving… Read More

Yes I am Greek and I like to talk with my hands… The other day I received an email from another coach asking if I had any blog posts or videos about the set up for the single and double kettlebell deadlift detailing technique and cues that may be different from the barbell deadlift. I did not, so I figured I would put together a post that teaches these movements along with… Read More