Sexy vs. Sloppy Kettlebell 1 Hand Swing Mechanics

Sexy vs. Sloppy Kettlebell 1 Hand Swing Mechanics

One technique mistake that I see often with the KB 1H swing, is that people will rest the non working hand on their leg, like an arm rest, during the back swing.

Not only is this sloppy, but:

  1. If you can rest your free hand on your leg during the back swing then you are not sitting back far enough in your hips. This means that you are not loading your glutes enough & letting your back take the load of KB. AND
  2. By having your free arm become dead weight, you’re not using efficient body mechanics to groove your swing pattern. An analogy here would be speed walking while resting your hands on your hips rather than letting your arms flow naturally in a cross pattern (opposite arm & leg) as you walk. How awkward & limiting would that be?

When you have sexy 1H swing mechanics:

  1. Your free arm moves along & mimics your working arm. When your free arm swings behind you on the back swing, as the working arm swings the bell back between your legs, this allows your body to sit back into a deep hip hinge & to load the glutes properly on the back swing so that your glutes take the load of the kettlebell rather than your back.
  2. As the free arm moves to mimic the working arm it creates efficient body mechanics, helping you to groove the pattern of your swing & to work more efficiently, for longer periods of time.

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