THIS GUY! The hubs joined me Friday morning for the 3.2 mile round trip hike down the mountain and sprint/walk back up only he ran the entire way back up!

This mountain is not a slow grade, it’s a very steep mountain with windy roads made by lava rock. When it came time to run back up, Eric took off & ran the whole way without stopping and he hasn’t run in two years!

I kept up with my sprints alternating with a walk for recovery. My sprint/run portions were longer today though.

If exercising with your Lavash isn’t your thing, that’s a-ok. What’s important is that the two of you have some activity that you enjoy doing together. For Eric and I, in the 10 years we’ve been together, exercise always has been and is definitely one of the NUMBER ONE things we like to do together, even if we’re doing different things, it’s about engaging in the activity together, next to each other. Sometimes we talk and catch up on life and couple stuff, including bouncing business ideas off one another, or sometimes we just have quiet time.

What activity do you and your Lavash like to do together? Pleas share by responding to this post, I want to know!

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