Did you know that Hormone Balance & Gut Health are related?

A large part of how you start to achieve hormone balance is by healing your gut microbiome through specific, evidenced based nutrition, that helps to create a healthy microbiome & therefore results in hormone balance & also helps to maintain hormone balance going forward.

It’s not a diet, it’s not a quick fix, it’s a daily practice & a lifestyle.

My 3 BASE tips for Success to maintain a healthy gut & hormone balance are:

  1. LEARN HOW TO COOK & learn how to love experimenting with your cooking by using different foods & ingredients e.g. spices, seeds, oils, nuts, legumes (e.g. cashews), etc. With this, focus on fueling your body with the most nutrient dense foods available. Nutrient Dense = Foods that contain tons of vitamins, minerals & healthy fats that help with hormone balance.
  2. LEARN TO LOVE RESEARCHING & TRYING NEW FOODSthat are nutrient dense & dairy free & grain free that help to create a healthy gut microbiome.
  3. LEARN TO LOVE YOUR LEAFY GREENS! Learn to love all varieties of kale & chard. They are low in calorie, high in nutrients & help to create a healthy gut microbiome. Red & rainbow chard are by far my favorite vegetables!

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