Once upon a time I went to Mark Fisher Fitness in New York City (which is like Disney meets Charlie and The Chocolate Factory but with a bunch of beautiful, sexy, fit, people) and sat down in the Snatchery with the MFF Personal Training staff to discuss pull-ups, pressing, unicorns, and how to make your snatch sexy. Sexy people must have sexy snatches.  This is a no brainer. Now, for those of… Read More

  Hey, hey, HEY PARTY PEOPLE! I will be teaching my Advanced Kettlebell Ballistics Workshop here in Las Vegas, Nevada at Barbell Republic, 6980 West Warm Springs Road, #190, Las Vegas, Nevada 8911, on Sunday, December 17, 2017 from 9 AM to 3:30 PM. Details and registration link below… I hope to see you there! Yours in Strength, Artemis ***** When: December 17, 2017 Where: Barbell Republic, 6980 West Warm Springs Road, #190, Las… Read More

Hi Everyone! I hope that you’re having an excellent weekend and a relaxing Sunday. I’m getting ready to head out for a walk on this beautiful Sunday to enjoy the unseasonably warm November temperatures we’re having here in Boston, along with the last of the fall foliage, as this is the last fall that I will get to enjoy it as a Massachusetts resident before I move to Vegas. However, before I… Read More