My Three Favorite Blog Posts About The Turkish Get-Up


The Turkish Get-Up is a fantastic movement that, in my book of programming, is very useful and a daily essential for all ages.

For adults, the get-up is important because it brings us back to the ground.  As adults we don’t spend enough time doing groundwork, and getting up and down from the ground. Subsequently, we can lose ease with this skill and even lose it completely if we do not practice enough groundwork.

In addition, the get-up is a movement that simultaneously promotes both mobility and stability and takes us through multiple planes of motion by using several functional movement patterns, (such as the hip roll i.e. rolling, hip hinge, drop step lunge, etc.), that we have as humans.

Some people will train the full get-up loaded, others may never load it, and others may only train certain portions of it unloaded and/or loaded. You can break it up according to skill level, age, and generally what is appropriate for an individual given their injury and exercise history.

The get-up takes a lot of coordination and can be very challenging for some people, therefore, it is extremely important to learn all of the pieces of the get-up first before adding weight.

Below are three of my favorite blog posts that I wrote in the past about the Turkish get-up. One includes seven tips to help you train a safe Turkish get-up, one provides with you instruction to advance your get-up to a tactical or double kettlebell get-up, and one that is a get-up and one hand swing workout.

  1. Seven Training Tips For A Safe Turkish Get-Up
  2. The Turkish Get-up: No Hands?? NO PROBLEM!
  3. Improve your Get-up = Improve your One Hand Swing

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*CARs: The Functional Range Conditioning definition according to  Dr. Andreo Spina is Active, rotational movements at the outer limits of articular motion.

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