I Did Not Wake Up Like This

I Did Not Wake Up Like This.

A few weeks ago during the Iron Body Garage Gang training sesh, the ladies asked me what weight do I usually use when I do get-ups.

My answer: “24kg* (53lbs)” – *When I’m training singles.

Followed up by: “I did not wake up like this.”

It took YEARS for me to build strength to easily do get-ups with 24kg. Strength takes time; AND it takes YEARS to build muscle – e.g. This is why it takes bodybuilders and physique competitors year after year competing to build their best physiques.

Often I hear, “If I train with you, will I have a body like you?”and “I want my body to look like yours.”

These compliments are flattering, but,

  1. if your goal is aesthetic, then you should seek to build the best physical version of yourself, whatever that is, comparing your aesthetic goal or results to your past self, without comparing yourself to others’ bodies. Although, when I was 15 I started lifting weights because I wanted arms like Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2…
  2. You may start out with an aesthetic goal and as you get stronger that goal may turn into a performance goal.
  3. At age 42, my body is the result of MANY years of physical activity & consistent strength training.
  • Age 3 ½ – started classical ballet. Danced until age 27.
  • Age 15 – started strength training, inspired by Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2.
  • Age 27 – started training in kung fu.
  • Age 32 – completed black belt in kung fu & started training with kettlebells – this was when the magic really started to happen.
  • Age 35 – started training for the StrongFirst Iron Maiden Challenge
  • Age 38 – completed the Iron Maiden Challenge
  • Age 39 – started powerlifting, competed in first powerlifting meet & deadlifted 300lbs

Hence, strength takes time and it takes YEARS to build muscle.

SO, if you are just starting out with your strength and muscle journey, as long as you are consistent, e.g. strength train 3-5x/week consistently like you brush your teeth daily, you will likely start to see results within the first 4-6 weeks of training and the best progress is noticed when you compare yourself to where YOU started and to where you were 3, 6, 12 months prior to the present.

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