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NOW, onto the subject of this post, NUTRITION and FINDING BALANCE!

One of the common things that my EmpowerU online coaching clients struggle with when it comes to nutrition is having trouble finding the balance between being a macro counting fanatic to the point that they feel deprived, AND, bingeing like a Tasmanian devil BECAUSE they’ve been counting macros like their existence is a formula inside an excel spreadsheet.

Two things in particular help my clients to find balance between the two extremes:

  1. MINDSET– Learning that food is fuel and not the enemy. If you are eating the right things then you should feel satiated (not overly full or sick, but rather pleasantly satisfied) after meals and energized for training and you should be able to enjoy going out to dinner and alcohol and desserts in moderation. AND
  2. INTUITIVE EATING– Getting back in touch with natural hunger and sated signals. Learning how to tune into letting your body tell you when you are hungry or full and even what it would like to eat for a particular meal.

With this in mind, I help my EmpowerU clients find the balance between strict macros and bingeing by learning how to track macros 80-90% of the time (or at least being MINDFUL*of MACROS) & then learning how to incorporate enjoying their 10-20% WITHOUT having to track macros for that 10-20%.

*What I mean by MINDFUL is for example, I have some clients who prioritize protein by making sure they eat enough protein within a day and then are just generally mindful about other macros and this works really well for them.

If they are tracking (or being mindful of) macros 80-90% of the time and enjoying everything else in moderation, then they WILL see results and reach their physique (like rocking a bikini in their 40s or feeling good wearing shorts again!) and training goals and not feel deprived.

While following this approach, some of the feedback I’ve received from clients is:

“I didn’t realize I wasn’t eating enough vegetables & I forgot how much I love vegetables!”AND

“You said that I would not have cravings & be hungry if I ate balanced meals with enough protein & I don’t have cravings anymore”.

I even had a coaching call with a long time client of mine who started the EmpowerU program 6 weeks ago, is following this nutrition approach, and she’s down 5lbs, having stronger training sessions (hello 40lbs 1H swings!), and having WINS at work like sticking to eating her prepared lunch rather than eating the lunch that is brought in for sales meetings.

Do you have this same struggle finding balance while working towards your physique and training goals? If so then my EmpowerU online coaching program is for you. ONLY FIVE SPOTS LEFT!

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**Upon submission, I will review your application and contact you within 72 hours if I think we might be a good fit, and with any next steps. Submission does not guarantee a coaching spot.**

Yours in Strength,


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