OH MY QUAD! Summer Shred v.2.0 Program LAUNCHED & $30 Off the first 50 sold!

OH MY QUAD! My Summer Shred v.2.0 program is LAUNCHED and $30 the first 50 sold!

I am so excited to release my Summer Shred v.2.0 program to the public! It is a 6-week follow up to my original Summer Shred v.1.0 12-week program (formerly the “Wedding Shred”).

To celebrate its launch I’m offering $30 off the regular price the first 50 programs sold with code ‘SHRED30’ for a limited timethrough 7/7/19 at 11:59 PM PST.

Purchase HERE

This program includes more pressing & advanced movements than v.1.0 such as snatches and the kettlebell double jerk as well as get-ups (no get-ups in v.1.0) and our Iron Body signature 20/20 kettlebell conditioning. AND, if you can believe it, more swing volume than the first version. This program is for the advanced level kettlebell lifter who is ready for a challenge and to become a lean, mean, shredded, kettlebell swinging machine.

Swing volume and strength movements progress over the course of the program e.g. number of kettlebell swings in week 1 is 1,788 and by week 5 you are completing 3,120 swings per week!

In addition to the metabolic swing conditioning, a daily mobility warm-up, strength block including core and single and double kettlebell work is included and you get access to my Facebook online training group.

What are you waiting for?? Use the code ‘SHRED30’ and purchase HERE

Launch Sale price valid on the first 50 sold for a limited time, ends on 7/7/19 at 11:59 PM PST!

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