I Am Not Afraid To Lift® is Coming to Boston June 2, 2018! How do you build a stronger press? “You want to squeeze your butt so hard that you should see your butt from the front…” ~Me from I Am Not Afraid To Lift® Boston 2014 Watch more in the video below… Learn more gems of wisdom like this from me at my women’s strength workshop I Am Not Afraid to… Read More

Recently I was chatting with a student about the wedge for the kettlebell military press. He is working on his half bodyweight press for his StrongFirst Level 2 certification and is not 100% dialed into the wedging technique. Yes, just like the deadlift, there is a wedging technique with the kettlebell military press. In fact, wedging is a theme with many lifts, the deadlift, the military press, the bench press (you use… Read More

A few years ago, in April 2015, I was seated in the exit row on a plane on the way back from teaching my workshop “I Am Not Afraid To Lift” in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After I sat down on the plane I looked up to read what I would have to do in case of an emergency and discovered that I would have to lift the airplane door that weighed 22kg… Read More

Last week I had a question on one of my Instagram posts about my hand placement on the kettlebell handle for a clean before a heavy kettlebell military press. YES, there is a purpose to this and YES, for a stronger press, you want the handle to rest in a specific part of your hand, the “sweet spot”, after a clean before a kettlebell military press. Listen in and learn more from… Read More

The kettlebell military press used to be a very challenging movement for me, both physically and mentally. Pull-ups have always come easily to me, whereas the press was my nemesis for many years! I discovered my weakness with the press when I started to train for the Iron Maiden Challenge in 2011. Even though I am strong for my size when it comes to the press, as soon as I started to work… Read More

This weekend I am in Columbia, MD presenting The Female Fitness Formula Workshop at the Optimum Performance Training Institute with my colleague Lauren Perreault. Between work, travel, and slight brain burnout recently (summer fever perhaps??? 😉 ) I did not have a chance to finish the third installment of my seven part series about how to train for a stronger press, Single and Double Kettlebell Press Ladders.  I expect to have this… Read More