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 Beast 48kg (~106lbs) Swings!

Through training for the Iron Maiden Challenge, just like training for anything else or even training in general, I’ve had good training days and bad training days.  For the most part I have had good training days and felt positive about my training.  However I have had the occasional moment that I wasn’t sure if I was making progress and those other moments when I’ve impressed myself with the progress I’ve made and even the speed that it has blossomed.  Today was one of the “Holy crap I can’t believe that just happened!” days…

This week I saw progress in both my weighted pull-up strength and my one-arm push-up strength.  Even though I achieved a pull-up with 24kg (~53lbs) back on June 19, 2013, which is one of the lifts for the Iron Maiden Challenge, I still train weighted pull-ups throughout the week with sub-maximal weights and the occasional heavy single, also sub-maximal, in order to maintain the strength for the 24kg single weighted pull-up.

24kg Pull-up

On Wednesdays I usually train weighted pull-ups with the rep scheme of 4 reps with 12kg (~26lbs), 3 reps with 14kg (30lbs), 2 reps with 16kg (35lbs) and 1 rep with 20kg (44lbs).  Back in May I progressed to training sets of 2 repetitions of weighted pull-ups with 16kg (~35lbs).  Now, starting this week, I am training sets of 2 repetitions with 18kg (~40lbs).

18kg Pull-up (two repetitions)

Also, as of last week, I raised my heavy sub-maximal single on Wednesdays to 22kg (~50lbs).  I have hit this pull-up every time I have done it since I first did it back in May 2013, which is very rewarding as it is validation that I am getting stronger.   My breathing was not optimal on this pull-up today, but I’ll breathe better next time ;)…

22kg Pull-up

In addition, this week I discovered that I am now strong enough to train 3 sets of 3 repetitions from the ground for my one-arm push-up.  I was really excited about this because just one month ago my max number of repetitions from the ground was 5 sets of singles.  I am training the one-arm push-up in order to achieve a 24kg press  (~53lbs) for the Iron Maiden Challenge.  Hopefully soon I will either be training 2 sets of 5 repetitions or and/or I will have the 24kg press.  That is the last lift that I need to complete before attempting the challenge.

One-Arm Push-Up (3 repetitions R/L)

As Mike Boyle writes, “Training is like farming”, and if you have patience, work diligently and stick with it, then you will reap the rewards of progress.

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