You Got This


Sometimes things look much sexier on the outside then you might be feeling on the inside. We all have those training days that are both a physical and a mental struggle. Even Xena has less strong training days.

How do you stick to your training routine and get through it? You create a positive script and a plan, and you recite the positive script and stick to the plan.

Often my positive script is to give myself words of encouragement through each stage of my training and to have a routine of checking off segments of my training as they are complete. This helps me to keep going and get it done.

For example, if I finish with 15 rounds of snatch conditioning at the end of my training I will start with one, and say to myself, “Artemis, you can do this, you got this…”, then mark the round down as it’s complete, take a sip of water and then set myself back up at the kettlebell for snatches.

After 5 rounds I will say to myself, “You are a third of the way there… you got this.”

After 7 rounds I say to myself, “You are almost halfway there… you got this.”

After 10 rounds I say to myself, “Only 5 more rounds to go… you can do this.”

Then next thing I know those last 5 rounds always fly by and I am at my last round.

Create a positive script and a plan and stick to it and remember, just keep going and get it done because YOU GOT THIS.

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