I hope you are excited for the Labor Day Holiday weekend! I can’t believe that summer is already over.

Before I get to the subject of this post about Symmetrical Strength, I have a few reminders:

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NOW, onto the subject of this email, “If All You Had Was Your Left Side You’d Be Useless”

When I was training for my kung fu black belt, I did all of my weapons forms with my right arm. As a result, I was drastically asymmetrical. At the time, my primary focus was to pass my black belt test so I was completely consumed with this task and didn’t carve out any extra time to reduce this asymmetry.

This asymmetry was so bad that my strength coach at the time, BJJ World Champion Isaac July, Jr., used to say, “Artemis, if we cut you in half and all you had was your left side, you’d be useless.”

Sadly it was true.

After I passed my black belt test, I made it my primary goal to reduce this asymmetry. No one is perfectly symmetrical from one side to another, but it’s possible to reduce this gap. The more asymmetrical you are the more prone you are to injury. So, it’s in our best interest to reduce asymmetries.

Thanks to the unilateral training enforced by kettlebell training, today I’m much more symmetrical than I was 10 years ago.

One of the reasons why I love Eric’s Circuit Shred program is because of the focus on unilateral movements. When I first completed the 1min interval day with step ups I used the small box, shown in this picture, by accident vs. what Eric instructed me to use, which was a step with 2 risers that is a lower height.

The next day my entire left side was crazy sore from the muscles in my back to my hip, a GOOD sore and I continued to be sore for DAYS. A sore that indicated to me that this was an area that needed strengthening.

In the past when I’ve trained barbell back squats, I struggled with my left side keeping up with my right side after a certain weight but could never quite pin point what I needed to work on. The soreness after these step ups, which have an element of stability as I step up and balance on one leg with weight, made it crystal clear where I need to build strength and stability in order to close this gap.

I’ve been following the Circuit Shred program for 4 weeks and I’ve noticed that not only are my single leg movements stronger, but also upper body movements like bottoms-up press and military press are crazy strong.

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