One thing I’m doing right now for my nutrition, specific to Hormone Balance is that I’ve been eating more fish and less red meat and getting more of my fats, particularly healthy fats, from plant based sources.

I talked about this on my Instagram Live on Friday night (also on my IGTV) as it relates to hormone balance (you can check it out if you follow me on IG @ironbodybyartemis). One of the resets in my 45-Day Hormone Reset, which starts at the end of this month on September 29, 2019, is a red meat and alcohol elimination to help balance estrogen levels.

For the past 8 weeks or so I’ve reduced the amount of red meat that I’ve been eating and eating a lot more, low mercury, wild caught fish and pasture raised chicken. Unlike beef, since fish has little to no fat, I’ve also increased my healthy fats intake from plant based sources like avocado, coconut (in moderation), fatty legumes e.g. cashews and peanuts and their butters plus nuts, nut butters and seeds e.g. almonds, almond butter and pumpkin seeds, etc.

By eliminating or reducing red meat,

  1. You eliminate the excess hormones and steroids found in conventional meat that contribute to hormone imbalance such as excess estrogen and that disrupt your gut microbiome. Yes, maybe you know where the meat comes from that you cook at home, but do you know where the meat comes from when you eat out at a restaurant? Elimination helps to balance your hormones and heal your gut microbiome.
  2. You eliminate/reduce the amount of saturated fats that you consume from meat which reduces the amount of toxins that may be present in the fat of this meat that could be disrupting hormone balance and your gut microbiome.
  3. Since you reduce your fat intake from meat, you’re able to increase healthy fat intake from plant based sources, which helps to increase your daily fiber intake, which not only helps to heal your gut microbiome, but also helps your body to cleanse your system of excess estrogen (i.e. you poop out excess estrogen which helps with hormone balance).

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