Last week I posted the following on Instagram and Facebook: FORTY WHAAATT???!! I turned 41 and 1/2 on July 11 this week so I’m officially in my forties. If you haven’t turned 40 yet it can be a scary number. Even 30 can be scary if you haven’t yet reached that milestone. Physically I don’t feel any different today than I did on my 30th birthday. In fact I feel physically stronger… Read More

“STRONGER THAN YESTERDAY” 16-WEEK ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAM REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! I’m excited to partner with Coach Zack Henderson for our 16-week online small group training program, “STRONGER THAN YESTERDAY”. The training program is an integrated barbell and kettlebell strength training program and space is limited to ONLY 10 participants. If you are an intermediate to advanced lifter with a solid base in the fundamental kettlebell skills, have some experience with barbell training,… Read More

I’m excited to release two NEW Barbell & Kettlebell Integrated Online Training Programs. Both are now available for purchase as single sale programs. Both single sale programs include interactive online support via my private online training Facebook group as well as limited email support. Details about and links to purchase each program are below… TSC Level I The TSC Level I Program is an intermediate level, 6-days per week, 8-week program geared… Read More

When Lisa V. started my “Attack The Bar” pull-up program around December 1, 2016, she had been stuck at one overhand/prone grip pull-up and two underhand/supine grip pull-ups for about a year. In less than 12 weeks after following the “Attack The Bar” pull-up program, Lisa went from being stuck at one overhand/prone grip pull-up and two underhand/supine grip pull-ups for one year, to being able to complete four overhand/prone grip pull-ups and four underhand/supine grip… Read More

Everyone is always looking for that one thing that is going to help them to achieve their first unassisted pull-up, make their pull-up stronger, and/or make pull-ups easier. The truth is, there is not one thing. Pull-ups are hard. Period. They don’t ever really get easier (even I have my tough pull-up days in training!), but there could be that one thing that you do that could help you to break a… Read More

Believe it or not there was a time in my life when I did not train pull-ups, when I did not even know that I could do a pull-up, and when I did finally do a pull-up, (which was a neutral grip pull-up, not overhand grip) I was training sets of 1-2 repetitions per set. Now I regularly train sets of 8-10 repetitions, sometimes even 12 per set, My max set of… Read More