Please take a moment to Like IronBodyByArtemis on Facebook HERE. Please take a moment to Follow @IrnBdyByArtemis on Twitter HERE. The Year of the Pull-up I have been writing a lot about pull-ups lately, but that is because pull-ups are one of the best strength movements that any man or woman can train to do. Regular pull-up training incorporated into one’s strength training program, no matter what one’s specific goal may be, help to… Read More

I am very fortunate to love what I do and do what I love for a living, but it was not always like this. In my early 30’s (yes I am older than my early 30’s :)) I made a drastic career change from working as an IT Consultant to pursue my (then) part-time passion in health and fitness. You can read more about how I made this dream a reality and… Read More

Please take a moment to Like IronBodyByArtemis on Facebook HERE. Please take a moment to Follow @IrnBdyByArtemis on Twitter HERE. How Women Can Train to do Pull-Ups WELL. A few weeks ago I went to a local yoga studio to take a TRX class (you know, because sometimes the trainer/instructor likes to go TAKE a class instead of teaching a class ;))… When I walked in the door to the TRX class,… Read More

This is Part III of a series of testimonials with Iron Body client Meghan Forman. Since January 2012 Meghan lost 15lbs, a whole jean size and she discovered this summer that she has a completely new bikini body than she did one year ago. Here is more of her story… Meghan’s Kettlebell Shred started in January 2012. Read more HERE about the results that she achieved within 28-days by training with kettlebells 3-4 times… Read More

“Learning is boundless. – I dare not say that I have reached any state of achievement. I’m still learning, for learning is boundless.”, Bruce Lee Several months ago I was making some announcements about class schedule changes to a group of my clients before class.  In response to this announcement one of my clients asked me the following question in front of the group, “Isn’t the 8 a.m. class a beginner class?”… Read More

 Please take a moment to Like IronBodyByArtemis on Facebook HERE. Please take a moment to Follow @IrnBdyByArtemis on Twitter HERE. “To strive actively to achieve some goal gives your life meaning and substance.”, Bruce Lee I recently attended and passed my Russian Kettlebell Level II Certification Training. For those of you who have never been to an RKC Workshop, I found myself surrounded by individuals who were incredibly intelligent and strong, both… Read More

Often you will hear within the media or just generally, “If you want to learn how to train with kettlebells properly and effectively, then contact your local RKC Instructor to learn.” What does this mean, “RKC”? Unless you are an RKC Instructor yourself, or a client of an RKC instructor, then it is very likely that not only, do you not know what “RKC” stands for, but also the depth of what… Read More