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The kettlebell military press used to be a very challenging movement for me, both physically and mentally. Pull-ups have always come easily to me, whereas the press was my nemesis for many years!

I discovered my weakness with the press when I started to train for the Iron Maiden Challenge in 2011. Even though I am strong for my size when it comes to the press, as soon as I started to work towards pressing anything heavier than 20kg (44lbs) I had to work a lot harder for it. I have had quite a journey as I worked towards a 24kg (53lbs) press, which is almost half my bodyweight, and I kept very detailed notes along the way. As a result I know what has worked to help improve and strengthen my press and what has not.

Reflecting upon my training for the past few years there are seven movements or combination of movements that I have trained that significantly helped to improve and make my press stronger. A few years ago I wrote a seven part press series, “Seven Ways to Train for a Stronger Press” that covered each movement, what I discovered while training each movement, and example program design. Below are links to this seven part series:

A turning point for me with the press was when I failed the press at my first attempt at the Iron Maiden Challenge in September 2013. I failed this press miserably, however, I did not see it as a failure, but rather as a stepping stone and fuel to turn my weakness (the press) into my strength.

After my Iron Maiden Challenge attempt in September 2013, I had to come back to my training and start all over again with the press. I had to re-pattern technique with very light weights, and essentially learn how to press all over again.

I wrote a program for myself and worked diligently to rebuild my press technique and strength. The program I wrote for myself helped me to build superhuman press strength, so much so that after about 16 weeks of following the program I was able to double kettlebell press double 22kg (~100lbs) kettlebells like a knife through butter. Video below…

Shortly after this I tested my 24kg (53lbs) press on June 28, 2014, and I was able to press it on the left side. Then about three weeks after pressing 24kg on the left side, exactly one week before my next scheduled Iron Maiden Challenge attempt that was scheduled for July 25, 2014, on July 18, 2014, I pressed 24kg on both the right and the left sides! Video below of Iron Maiden Challenge practice that day, as well as my astonished reaction as I pressed 24kg on the right side..

With this I went on to complete all three lifts for the Iron Maiden Challenge on July 25, 2014, including the press, which used to be my nemesis, thus completing the Iron Maiden Challenge on July 25, 2014 and becoming the ninth Iron Maiden.

24kg press Iron Maiden Challenge July 25, 2014 – Artemis Scantalides

Complete Iron Maiden Challenge, July 25, 2014 – Artemis Scantalides

Since completing the Iron Maiden Challenge, I have helped many clients build strength for their press by following this program. This program is so successful that I decided to make it available to the masses through my single sale online training program “Kettlebell Power: The Press”.

My “Kettlebell Power: The Press” program is NOW available for sale and for a limited time through 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on Tuesday February 28, 2017 I am offering an introductory sale of 20% off this program. Use the code pressintro20 to receive 20% off. Purchase the program HERE.

I look forward to training with you!


By following the “Kettlebell Power: The Press” program…

Joe K. went from a 40kg (88lbs) press to a 48kg (106lbs) press.

Mark L. went from a 32kg (70lbs) press to a 36kg (80lbs) press.

April D. went from an 18kg (40lbs) press to a 22kg (50lbs) press.

Lilibeth S. went from a 20kg (44lbs) press to a 24kg (53lbs) press.

And many more… Read testimonials and watch client video results HERE.

Use the code pressintro20 to receive 20% off. Purchase the program HERE.

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