Xena Can Eat Cake

Xena Can Eat Cake.

Or in the case of Thanksgiving, PIE, and lots of it.

A few weeks ago when I attended Inferno Hot Pilates™ teacher training here in Las Vegas, Gabriella Walters, Owner and Creator of Inferno Hot Pilates™, told the group of instructors a story that I told to Gabi and to my team of StrongFirst Level I Instructor candidates, otherwise known as Team Xena, when she attended her StrongFirst Level I Kettlebell Certification in LA this past March…

I talked about how in the book Intervention, Dan John writes about the woman who challenges herself in the weight room versus Edna. He didn’t give the woman who challenges herself in the weight room a name, so I decided to call her Xena.

In the book Intervention Dan John writes about how the woman who can do 10 bodyweight pull-ups and military press half her bodyweight overhead, (this is who I referred to as Xena), has a very big “strength glass” and therefore can treat herself once in a while with dessert and cocktails without worrying about it reversing her hard work in her training, “her entire system has to gather up resources, and then adapt and recover from the effort.”  While Edna who thinks a 5lb dumbbell is heavy isn’t going to tax her body very hard. Let’s face it, Edna thinks her purse is heavy.

Edna can’t eat cake.

Xena, she can eat cake, and then some.

“Absolute strength is the glass.  Everything else is the liquid inside the glass.  The bigger the glass, the more of everything else you can do.” ~Dan John, Intervention

How Xena approaches her training in the weight room is how she approaches life.

As Gabi always says, “How you do anything in life, is how you do everything.”

So don’t half ass it. Don’t half ass your workouts, don’t half ass your goals, don’t half ass your decisions in life and in training. Whole ass everything. There is no maybe, there is no try, there is only I WILL, and DO.

Be empowered, OWN IT and be Xena, not Edna.

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Yours in Strength,
Artemis Scantalides
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