Last week I taught a workshop to the trainers at Mark Fisher Fitness in New York City. While I was there, Brian Patrick Murphy, Co-Owner of Mark Fisher Fitness asked me if I would be willing to record a podcast with him for MFF Best of Life Radio. I was thrilled by his invitation, so of course I said “YES!”. We talked about my Lift Workshop, Xena, empowering women through strength, the… Read More

This weekend I am in Columbia, MD presenting The Female Fitness Formula Workshop at the Optimum Performance Training Institute with my colleague Lauren Perreault. Between work, travel, and slight brain burnout recently (summer fever perhaps??? 😉 ) I did not have a chance to finish the third installment of my seven part series about how to train for a stronger press, Single and Double Kettlebell Press Ladders.  I expect to have this… Read More

Subject: #BeXena The other night I received an email with the subject line “#BeXena”. The email was from a woman who reads my blog and follows me on Facebook and Instagram. She has also started to become a personal friend, as she is the girlfriend of one of my close colleagues. I recently mentioned her in a few of my blog posts and this was her response (although no response was necessary ) in… Read More

For those of you who are late to the party :), I’ve been working towards a goal to press 24kg (53lbs), which is almost half my bodyweight.  I have pressed it before on the left side, but not with correct form; never on my right side.  I have been working on increasing my press skill and strength in order to improve this lift. Twelve weeks ago I started a press program that… Read More