When I was training for my kung fu black belt, I used to do all of my weapons forms with my right arm. As a result, I was drastically asymmetrical, with a huge gap in strength, stability, and coordination between my right and left sides. At the time, my primary focus was to pass my black belt test so my time was completely consumed with this task, and therefore I did not… Read More

Last week I taught a workshop to the trainers at Mark Fisher Fitness in New York City. While I was there, Brian Patrick Murphy, Co-Owner of Mark Fisher Fitness asked me if I would be willing to record a podcast with him for MFF Best of Life Radio. I was thrilled by his invitation, so of course I said “YES!”. We talked about my Lift Workshop, Xena, empowering women through strength, the… Read More

This is the second installment of a seven part series about how to train for a stronger press.  In this installment I will talk about the bottoms-up press.  If you missed the first installment about the One-Arm Push-Up, you can read it HERE. The stronger your bottoms up press, the more beer presses you can do 😉 … Just kidding! The bottoms up kettlebell press helps to train an efficient press pattern,… Read More

Subject: #BeXena The other night I received an email with the subject line “#BeXena”. The email was from a woman who reads my blog and follows me on Facebook and Instagram. She has also started to become a personal friend, as she is the girlfriend of one of my close colleagues. I recently mentioned her in a few of my blog posts and this was her response (although no response was necessary ) in… Read More

Recently I was asked if I had written any posts about press programming for a stronger press. I’ve written a lot about pull-ups and tips and programming for pull-ups but not many about pressing. Pull-ups come easily to me, whereas pressing, even though I am strong for my size when it comes to the press, as soon as I started to work towards pressing anything heavier than 20kg (44lbs) I had to… Read More

Today I was struggling… I felt like I didn’t get enough sleep or that I am getting sick or maybe both?  And my fingertips hated me today… they were not enjoying the sets of 50 swings.  Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I started my day by having to shovel out my car from under 6 inches of snow before 6 a.m. this morning.  I opened my door… Read More